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Meet the San Francisco Reef Divers

The San Francisco Reef Divers has been in existence for over 35 years. We do most of diving along the central and northern California coast with occasional trips to southern California and warm water destinations. We currently have over 80 members with diverse interests. Club members enjoy scuba diving, free diving for abalone, spearfishing, photography, kayaking and just plain diving for fun. We participate in a wide variety of other activities. We schedule trips throughout the year to enjoy camping, biking, skiing and other activities. See our web site for more info.

We welcome new members of all skill and experience levels. Membership dues are $25 a year. It is becoming increasingly important that we protect our marine resources. We strongly recommend that all members join a local conservation group as well. Local groups include Central California Council of Dive Clubs (CenCal), and Sonoma County Abalone Network (SCAN). New members may join any or all of these groups when paying Reefdiver dues.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 PM of each month at Sinbad's Restaurant, Pier 2, San Francisco Waterfront Please come by and meet us sometime.

If you would like to receive a current newsletter or ask questions contact our President, Gene Kramer, at genekramer@pacbell.net